Candace Biersmith

TOLA - Central/Austin
San Antonio / South Texas 

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  • The majority of my 20 year professional career was spent in the wholesale divisions of brands such as Guess? Jeans and BCBG, but upon moving to the Live Music Capital of the world, I decided to try something different. 
  • After moving from Dallas to Austin 10 years ago, I was motivated by my friends in the media business to try radio advertising. So, after a 6 year stint with a local heritage station known for its events and the long awaited birth of my son, I could no longer work late nights at crazy music events. I wanted to return to my passion of wholesale sales and what better company than Imagine That! With the numerous and diverse brands that they represent, it gave me a chance to work in and around the city that I love. 

  • I am super excited to be back working with retailers and assisting them with providing their customers the latest seasonal goods.
  • I look forward to meeting you all soon!

  • Territory
  • TOLA - Central/Austin
  • San Antonio / South Texas  
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Candace Biersmith

Phone: 512-964-9197 


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