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  • About Debbie Jo
  • I’ve been in sales all of my life and would rather be in front of a customer trying to show them something new and exciting instead of sitting behind a desk pushing papers and reading emails! Prior to purchasing my first showroom in 1998, I sold crude oil, natural gas and all bi-products of oil for 13 years. My company was sold and a friend introduced me to GANZ. 
  •  I worked for GANZ for a couple of years and they taught me how to be a great rep! In 1998 I bought my first rep group and Imagine That! was born! 
  • Over the past 18 years I have bought 4 other rep groups and merged them into one. We opened the Dallas showroom in 2001 and the Vegas showroom in 2011. My sister, Kay Pryer, became my partner in 2011. We feel we have been very blessed by God to have grown the business to where we are today and have tremendous faith that God still has great things in store for Imagine That! It really is my passion and I still love getting to come to work every single day. 
  • We are so fortunate to work with the best staff, reps and manufacturers on the planet!
In my spare time, I love to scuba dive, take long walks with my roommate (Bonnie – she is 12 and a Shis-tzu!) and read. I’m always reading more than one book at a time and also have an audio book in the car!! 

 And Grandkids.. Love... Love... Love the Grandkids!!!

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    Principal - Key Accounts

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    Debbie Jo Spencer 
  • Ph: 303.324.3962
  • Fax: 303.292.4288
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    7700 E Arapahoe Rd, Suite 170, Denver, CO 80112

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      9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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