Faye Coke

Admin Support – Dallas

  • About Faye
    I have worked in the Gift Industry since 1978. I worked in the Atlanta Mart for 10 years before moving to Dallas, Texas.
  • I was the Showroom Manager for Daughtry/Bernays for 13 years in Dallas. Debbie Jo inherited me when she expanded into the Dallas Market Center and bought Daughtry/Bernays. I have now worked for Imagine That! for 13 years!  Officially "retired" from the Showroom Manager position but have remained as Administrative Staff to help with the Shows in Dallas and Las Vegas,  and to help part-time in the Dallas Showroom.
  • When I am not working, I am involved with my church and I am traveling. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren that all live in other states so, I go to see them frequently.
  • I love working for Imagine That! 
  • I am excited and proud to be a part of this company !.

  • Admin Support – Dallas  
  • Show Support - Dallas ~ Las Vegas

  • Contact Information
    Faye Coke 
  • Ph: 214.653.1111
  • Fax: 214.748.3312
  • Email: faye@imaginethatreps.com
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