Linda Tippens

Visual Merchandiser

  • About Linda
  • Hi Everyone!
  • I am the Southern Belle of the group. 
  • I have lived most all of my life in the Atlanta Area. For 40 years I have been involved with the gift industry in one form or another. I have run showrooms, been a rep on the road, handled commissions and customer servive as well as forming a telemarketing program. 
  • Now I find myself floating across the country to Dallas and Vegas as the visual merchandiser for Imagine That. It is amazing to me how the threads of life form together to bring you from one place to another. I met Debbie Jo some 12 years ago in Atlana and I would never have thought that I would end up as part of this great team.I am so thankful to have a part in this wonderful organization.  

  • Description
    Imagine That!, with a history of more than 20 years of expansion and sales growth, provides complete sales solutions for manufacturers of product lines for the gift,fashion accessory and home décor industries.

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    Visual Merchandiser
  • Linda Tippens 
  • Ph: 404.771.9633
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