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TOLA - Oklahoma

  • About Mary Mooney
    I grew up in Northern California and attended UCLA. Eventually, my husband’s work took us to the western suburbs of Chicago, where we lived and raised our 3 kids for 20 years. The majority of my professional career there was in home design sales, including granite and kitchen remodeling, and my own staging and design business. After our daughter graduated from Ole Miss and our youngest son decided to attend Oklahoma State with his brother, my husband and I decided to move to Tulsa. My parents moved here in 1989, and we have spent a lot of time visiting the state of Oklahoma, and we love it. 
  • When we moved to Tulsa, I decided to go into retail home décor and lighting sales, which eventually led me to the opportunity in wholesale sales, and with a great company like Imagine That! 
  • I am passionate about working with my clients and helping them provide their customers the amazing products we represent.
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  • Oklahoma
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  • Mary Mooney

  • Phone: 630-542-5286
  • Fax 918-514-8681 
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